Whether you are sight-fishing inshore for spooky redfish, bonefish or permit or troll offshore for hard-striking billfish, saltwater fishing can take a toll on your tackle. The superior strength of saltwater species combined with saltwater’s high corrosive effects mean you need the best tackle you can afford for continuous success. At Rite Angler, we carry saltwater lures, lines and tackle that will stand up to blazing sun, stormy seas and the natural aggressiveness of the denizens of the deep.


Many of us got our first taste of angling fishing in freshwater, reeling in sunfish or other panfish with our dad or some other relative. For lots of people, freshwater fishing can remain that simple. Others have taken it to a whole new level, competing in high-stakes bass tournaments with super-sophisticated equipment. No matter what type of fishing you do, Rite Angler has the fishing tackle you need. Our collection of lures, lines and tackle may be new to you but should be on your radar screen.


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