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This ultimate high-performance fishing kite exceeds all expectations and flies steadily in winds from 5 – 25 mph. Quick-drying, and stable. 34×34″

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This ultimate high-performance Fishing Kite exceeds all expectations and flies steadily in winds from 5 – 25 mph.

Rite Angler’s kite will not only attract fish but will also be the envy of other fishermen. It has colorful graphics and cloud patterns that match the sky and the excitement of catching big fish. Trademarked name and graphics, this kite is only available from Rite Angler.

  • 34 x 34″
  • Weighs less than 5oz.
  • Strong, quick-drying fabric. Flies stably even when wet.

What bait to use?

Our kite handles three baits of small or large size like goggle-eyes, bunker, greenies, threadfins, mackerel, and small blue runners. Mostly any fish between 6-12 inches.

Historically, kite fishing is one of the most effective methods for catching saltwater fish.

The majority of kite fishing is done from a boat, although a growing number of fishermen are using them off the beach when wind directions are favorable. Kites fly more than a hundred feet in the air. Your baits are over 100 yds away from the boat. This means more strikes without the noise from your boat spooking the fish.

A kite reaches shallow reefs and rock piles frequently populated by baitfish that your boat can’t manage without taking damage or snagging the line. It’s geared toward all fish that feed on smaller fish. The bait is suspended in the top few inches of water where it will splash and swim attracting predatory fish. This not only keeps your leader out of sight but when the fish takes your suspended bait it is immediately released from the kite string allowing for the fish to complete the meal. This produces a sure hook set with a fight that is hardware and weight-free.

Kite fishing with live bait provides more excitement. It allows the fisherman and guests to see the fish striking the bait.

The clear, watertight storage tube will keep your kite nice and dry when not in use. It conveniently stores one kite neatly and compactly.

Target Species:

Sailfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, dolphin, wahoo, grouper, snapper

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Only the finest in raw materials and handmade craftsmanship goes into our products. Satisfaction guaranteed. Superior quality products made by fishermen for fishermen!


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