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The Curly Tail Grub Kit contains three jigs and soft bait in four assorted colors. 23 pieces in total.

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Charlie’s Worms 4″ Curly Tail Grub Kit

They’re versatile! You can use it for anything, a grub works well in almost any scenario in freshwater and saltwater.
They can be used weedless, but mostly used with the appropriately sized jig head.

Charlie’s Worms Curly Tail Grub Kit contains 23 pieces in four assorted colors.

If you like grubs, you may be interested in our Twin Tail Shrimp too!

The more prepared you are for any fishing trip, the more enjoyable it will be. Don’t hesitate to take extras of everything and that includes your jigs, rigs, artificial lures, baits, and attractants.

Charlie’s Worms is dedicated to both freshwater and saltwater fishermen. We do all we can to have the best quality baits in the industry. Our unique scent is a proven factor in increasing your catch! As always, we appreciate any of your feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

Over 40 years of Proven Bass Tackle. Pros and non-pros alike test Charlie’s Worms soft baits and continue to find them to be at the top of their game in all areas.

Grubs are all fished in the same manner. Choose your size according to the target species.

Made In USACharlies Soft Bait Approved Sw Fw Badge Lg

We have Curly Tail Grubs in three sizes. SHOP GRUBS

Check out our entire collection of freshwater and saltwater soft bait:     SHOP SOFT BAIT


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