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1.8mm, 400lb, black monofilament fishing line.

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Our Blue Water Black Mono is great for your rigging needs. A good color for sinking lures.

Monofilament fishing line, or “mono” for short, is flexible and easy to handle. It stretches, unlike fluorocarbon lines and leaders. The stretch helps prevent your hook from tearing a hole in a fish’s mouth when under pressure in the fight. It can withstand the sudden impact of a hard hookset of a big fish.

Our Blue Water Mono sinks slowly and is a great choice for topwater lures. Tying knots in this mono is easy. It offers nearly 100 percent knot strength.

Don’t forget to rinse the salt build-up off your blue water mono. Take proper care of your line and re-spool.

One downside to mono is that it has less sensitivity. If you’d like a more sensitive line, check out our fluorocarbon selection.

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The finest of raw materials are used. This line is strong and easy to use.  Satisfaction guaranteed. Products made by fishermen for fishermen! 


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